Worked for Us.

Once again it’s the second team in to substitute for Karen.

We are lucky in that several times a year we get to travel over the San Diego with a very easy drive.   Now even though it’s not a long or hard drive, after a couple of hours we’re in desert with nothing really to listen to.   Oh yes we can connect to a satellite, but we found long before we hooked up to a satellite system, that audio books were so much fun.

The trip takes just under 6 hours each way, so we normally have time to here a complete book if not on the drive over, we can finish it on the way back.   Now keep in mind that we don’t immediately start listening as we leave out house.   We normally we drive for a while before starting our listening to the book.     Several of the books that we have listened to where read by their author and I have found them to be easy to listen to and the author seems to be really involved in the telling of the story.   A couple have been narrated by Nationally known actors, (male or female) and those too have been easy, interesting, and fun to listen to.   And the fact that there are downloadable audio books sure makes them easy to get.

I remember when I would drive between Denver and Phoenix and the idea of listening to anything even close to that never entered my head.   Also none of the cars, although well equipped, had the equipment needed to play them back.   A far cry from those days on the road.