Called into Action.

Am I lucky!   Once again I have been called in to fill in for my wife.   So for today you can call the blog,

View from beside her chair.

Karen has gone to California to be with her family.   That’s not the only reason for her to go there, although it’s a nice enough reason in of itself.   I got sick and for only the third time in our 9 year plus marriage wasn’t able to act as her official Caregiver.     Last Monday, I could not even get out of bed.     That is a story in itself. You, I know don’t have the time, and when I get started typing about myself, the doors to all rooms automatically LOCK.     No one is allowed to leave until the story is finished.     I’ve been know to have armed Guards, posted at all exits.

Karen getting over there is a much better story anyway.     Karen’s friend Linda drove the van to Yuma and my brother Fred drove his car to bring Linda back to Scottsdale.     It surely would have been nice had they been turbo equipped.   Karen’s Uncle Paul meet them in Yuma and continued the journey into California where Karen had Thanksgiving with her family at Chef Jack’s.   I have learned that it was very good.     I had Chicken Soup and a sandwich, all by myself.   Don’t think for a minute that I am complaining.   I was happy…considering.