Matthew 7-8 and Acts 9-12

As I read today’s chapters I noted the following:

Jesus said, “These words I speak to you are not incidental additions to your life, homeowner improvements to your standard of living.   They are foundational words words to build a life on.”   How true it is!   Chapter 7 of Matthew is definitely full of wise directives on how we should live.

I want the kind of simple trust in God that the Roman Centurion (Captain) had when he told Jesus he need not come to heal his servant, but rather just give the word and it would be done.   This man was not a Jew, and Jesus prophesied that this man would be the first of many outsiders who would be coming from all directions to sit at God’s Kingdom banquet alongside Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

That’s of course exactly what happened in the chapters I read today from Acts.   First Paul goes to the Gentiles and then God calls Peter to share the good news with those not of Israel.   It spreads like wildfire and even King Herod cannot stop it when he arrests Peter.   God’s Angel releases him from prison while the leaders are praying for him.

I remember that story from childhood.   While my little brother and I would take our afternoon nap, my mom would put on Bible story records for us to listen to.   The story of Peter being released from prison during the night was one of the stories I heard over and over again.   I am so glad I grew up with those foundations for my life.   I’m not perfect but God’s grace is evident in my life to this very day.   Our friend Richard left a nice comment on the previous post.   He says that I’m a blessing to others because of my attitude.   God gets all the glory for that!