Another Blog Child

Almost a month ago Norm and I met a new friend at a dinner party.   He is a chiropractor and we started talking about websites and blogging.   I encouraged him to start a blog and he did.   I’ve added it to my blog family links.   Dr. Scott, as we like to call him, has an interesting blog you might want to check out some time.   Sure, he talks about chiropractic, but so much more than that.   Lately he’s been talking about the bionic band and online trading, among other things.

I may not have any real children, but I sure have a lot of blog children.   There’s another one in progress and I’ll let you know more when something substantial shows up on her blog.

Oh, I almost forgot!   My friend Richard started a blog a few months ago after I suggested it might be something he would enjoy and would be an asset to his business website.   Check it out, he talks about astronomy as well as business matters.