Another Newsman Gone.

The headlines this morning again feature a story of the passing of a newsman.

Tony Snow.

While his passing might have been thought to be coming, death is always a sad thing. When you consider life, his wasn’t “long” at all. Like my father who died when he was 52. The effect that had on me, was for many years, I thought that I was not going to live longer than 52. Can’t tell you why I felt that way, just did. Snow was only 53.

As I think about his life, I can’t help but think that he did a lot of things during his time on this earth. That is wonderful. Many people don’t accomplish even a third of what he did, and live well into their 90s. That is a blessing that each one of us should keep in mind when we wake each morning. Do what we can and use every day to the fullest.

It might also be a time to consider one’s health and take a look at a colon cleanse . One’s health is way up there. What we eat, and what we do are important. Karen and I have started walking each evening. Yes even here in H O T Scottsdale, we’re taking a walk just before the Sun goes down. It’s a short walk but it’s a start. How about you?