Only Once.

It’s me again. Karen will return.

While I have all ways been a person who has thought about taking time to travel this country. Just hop in the car and head out and visit where every and for how long I wanted. I never did it. Oh I would drive between Phoenix and Denver, but that was it. Did fly back east several times, most of the time to visit Conn. But that was so long ago, the airplanes all had propellers on them. Not a jet on the field.

I did once, go to Texas and visit several small towns. I was talking to a broker who sold radio stations. I vaguely remember that I got in touch with him about the purchase of a small FM stand alone station. Talk about a Mom and Pop operation. That’s what it was. After seeing it, I lost interest. The equipment was old and in disrepair and it would have taken so much just to get the place so it worked. I also didn’t have any band aids.

Although I was in the area, I never got a real chance to look at Corpus Christi real estate. I have to tell you had my decision been made by area alone, I would be there now.