Down hill toward the weekend.

Wednesday, that means we’re down hill towards the weekend. If you have to work each day, then just two more days and the work a day week will be over. I know, that is if you work a 5 day week.

Back when I was a broadcaster, it was normal to work 6 days each week. Monday trough Saturday, or Sunday through Friday that was considered normal and if a holiday fell on one of your work days, you were expected to be there. At KOOL, here in Phoenix, which was also a TV station, it was normal to have food brought in on holidays and you got paid time and a half, even if you were on a salary. Figure that one out.

Back in those days, never really thought about not going to work. That was what it was to be an adult, you worked for a living. While at KOOL, I also thought about such things as baby bedding since it was back then my two children were born.

If you’re wondering, Karen is here but is busy and she again has asked me to sit and type a few words, just so you know that there is someone here in the house.