TV Watching!

It’s me again, Karen’s Husband, as she continues to work on a “Secret Assignment”.

We watch TV, not so much during the day, but usually one or two shows each evening. I like TV, especially the mystery and cop shows. Not to much into the reality shows or game shows. I do watch the News, that is if I’m still in our TV room (living Room) when it comes on. Having written the news portion of the Newscast on channel 13 in Las Vegas by myself, not including sports and weather, I guess it’s a habit. Want to see what is being reported. Have to tell you, I some nights sit there and talk to the TV and question their sequence of stories. Also what they’re reporting. News Reporting has changed so much since the 60s.

Another thing I notice on the different shows is the furniture. So many of the shows feature modern furniture, and while it’s not what we have in our house….I wouldn’t mind some at all.

Guess that’s one of the great things about TV, it opens your eyes to the way other people live and how they furnish their homes. Now then again, not every American household is finished quite the way they are on TV. But it’s fun to dream.