The Day Before.

Here it is July 3rd, tomorrow we celebrate the independence of our country. What a wonderful day, to remember what this country is about and what it’s been through. Also what it has done. America is not perfect but it has done so many good things that outnumber the bad.

Karen and I in the past have traveled over to San Diego, a easy drive for us, from here in Scottsdale. By doing so we get to spend the Holiday, which is also Karen’s Mom’s birthday… I’ve been told that is really the reason for all the fireworks. But this year we’re staying here. That in itself is another story, much too long for a single blog. Maybe another time. You can visit, tomorrow and see the fireworks from a few years ago when we were there. A link is off to the side. Take a look.

Karen and I also like talking to each other and thinking out loud about what we could do together. I have always thought that it would be fun to just take off and travel across America. There is so much to see. While the states of Arizona, Colorado, and California have a lot to offer, from a beauty stand point, it’s not confined to those three states. Not by a long shot.

Nice thing about traveling is that there is so much available, like Hilton Head rentals , boy would that be fun.

Right now, we’re planning to be here, even with the high temperatures that we’re experiencing, but there is a good chance in a few weeks we will journey over to San Diego.