Life with Karen.

What a great idea I had, write about what it’s like to live with Karen.

First of all, we are 20 or more years apart in age. It really does me good to be seen with such a beautiful young woman. I really dig it.

She is smarter than I am. I, kinda like Peter Jennings, never completed College but it never really got in the way of working in broadcasting. Might now, but really now my age gets in the way much faster.

She loves to do things. I love to stay at home so that has changed my day to day life. I have found that I enjoy getting out. Thought I didn’t, but I do, especially with her.

She understands politics, I get angry with politics.

She loves to shop. I could pass on shopping other than such places as best buy , that to me is a fun store. I love equipment.

Another thing in common, we both love to eat out.