Coming Up

When I sit down to write, I just love to write. Give me a computer and a screen that I can see, (poor eyesight) and I just type away.

When I was in broadcasting full time, computers were a thing of the future. Boy I can just imagine how much fun they would have made it. Now listen to me, I worked with computers at the last station I was with. How could I forget. In fact I was the one who helped to install a computer system at the station that controlled the programing of the FM station. It was an AM and FM combo here in Arizona. The AM stayed live with real DJs playing music from Cd’s. The FM took a feed from a programing service and there was no one actually at the station.

Maybe one of the reasons I forgot about using a computer was the fact that Iam fast approaching 65. Age does effect one’s body parts. I’m all most old enough for Medicare. This would be a great time to look into getting a medicare advantage plan.

It’s good that I’m married to Karen, who could be there with me if one of my body parts… brain stopped working and I had a laps of memory.