My Preferred Method

Yesterday I went to the Paradise Valley Mall.   Can’t remember the last time I had been there; it’s been that long.   Norm had to exchange his hearing aids for the newest model at Zounds and it took a while so I wandered around the mall.   I think I ended up going around the entire mall about four or five times, only entering a couple of stores.   I didn’t even buy anything.   We got home and my right shoulder hurt so bad from my hand pushing on my wheelchair go stick for a couple of hours.   I had to take something for the pain, it was bad.

So I have decided that my preferred method of shopping is online.   Just about everything I could find at the mall I could find online and save my arm a lot of pain in the process.   In the past I have purchased clothing, groceries, Christmas gifts, and other miscellaneous items all from the comfort of my home.   And let’s not forget the joy of Amazon books either.

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  1. GrannyJ
    Jun 16, 2008

    Nowadays when I want something esoteric, the first place I think of is Amazon. You’d be amazed at what you can buy through them. It saves me having to carry packages up the stairs!