Hot Time in Scottsdale

For the past several days we have experienced record-breaking triple digit heat with temperatures reaching as high 113 ° Fahrenheit here in the Valley of the Sun.   This of course was a perfect time for our home air-conditioning unit to stop producing cool air.   We realized Sunday afternoon that something was wrong when the indoor temperature would not go below 85 °.   Sunday night was miserable, but at least we have ceiling fans in the house so they were all turned on high.   On Monday I was trying to figure out who we should call since the last company we had out here a month ago to give our A/C unit a check up suggested we replace most of the components since our unit is over 12 years old.   No funds available for that!

I began asking friends for recommendations for the best A/C repairman, but I would rather have been asking for recommendations for the best acne treatment.   We needed somebody who wasn’t going to look at our old unit and say oh just buy a new one.   By Monday afternoon I had a referral so I called him and he said he could come around noon on Tuesday.   At 1:45 p.m. on Tuesday he called to say it would be a couple more hours delay because of complications at his earlier appointment.   I think he came over about four o’clock and by 5:30 we were beginning to cool off!   Air-conditioned air has never felt so good!