Lunch Is on Me

That’s what the manager told us when I let him know that we had been seated for over 15 minutes and yet no server had come to acknowledge our presence in the restaurant.   I wasn’t upset that no one had come to check on us, but I did think he should know about it.   Never expected him to buy our lunch.   And he was quite surprised when all we ordered was an appetizer platter and a bowl of chili.   He couldn’t believe we didn’t want steak and lobster because that’s what people usually order when he offers to buy their meal.   He thanked us for not taking advantage of the situation.   I thanked him for buying our lunch to make up for bad service.   He also gave us a card for a free appetizer on our next visit to Logan’s Roadhouse.

Yes, I like freebies and I like discounts.   A couple of years ago we replaced the flooring and windows in our home.   We spent a lot of time looking for the best deals because I like freebies and discounts whenever I can get them.   Would’ve been nice to know about directbuy back when we replaced the flooring.   We might have gotten a better deal than what we ended up with.   I will be sure to remember them for future reference.