The Clipper

Back in the day I remember my grandmother was a coupon clipper. If she found a coupon in the paper she had to clip it even if she didn’t need or use the product. Grandma was always having company over so she liked to keep her pantry well-stocked and clipping coupons made that easy to do. Often I would hear my grandpa asked her why she bought a certain brand of cereal when it was not the one he liked to eat. Oh but I had a coupon, was always grandma’s reply.

I like coupons too, but only when it’s for a product that I like. Last week I got really excited when a friend sent me a valentine card filled with coupons for Wienerschnitzel. She knows how much I love hotdogs from that place. Now if I could just get her to send me some Barnes and Noble coupons. I could have used one of those about a month ago when I was looking at calendars there. Didn’t get one though because they were too expensive. Now I’m stuck with something I got at a $.99 store. At least it’s kittens.