Super Bowl Hysteria

This past week and the last few days especially has been absolutely crazy around Scottsdale. We’ve got the FBR Open in north Scottsdale and the Super Bowl events/parties and ESPN Sports shows with all of its traffic and hysteria. You can’t drive around down town Scottsdale, a.k.a. The Waterfront, without seeing crowds of people waiting around to see celebrity types. At night you see those flashing lights in the sky as if you were in front of a hotel in Vegas. What’s really odd is that the actual game is played over in Glendale, which is on the other side of the Valley of the Sun from here. I guess Glendale isn’t fancy enough for all the who’s who types. With most of the stars coming to Scottsdale for all the hip parties, it was refreshing to see Phoenix homeboy Alice Cooper on the 10 pm news telling it like it is as he was going to one of the “charity” events. “Yeah, were here at the Scottsdale Waterfront! Come on, it’s just a canal.” The guy might be ugly, but he speaks the truth.