Republicans, Pay Attention!

I’m sounding the alarm! Those of us voting on super Tuesday in the Republican primary have an important decision to make. Don’t be fooled by Senator John McCain’s “straight talk.” It’s nothing but pandering and out and out lies. The guy is no conservative and no friend to conservatives! Alarm system monitoring is important so pay attention here.

I wanted to vote for Fred Thompson, but he’s out of the race, and a vote for Mike Huckabee is essentially a vote for McCain, so I’m going to vote for Governor Mitt Romney. Romney has the executive leadership experience we need in the White House and his grasp on the economy is far superior to McCain’s. I think Romney will wisely choose people to be in his cabinet with foreign-policy experience to advise him on the war on terrorism. My only real gripe with him would be regarding mandated health care. If he doesn’t mess around with that while he’s President, then we’ll be OK. As a very successful business leader he understands what it means to make tough decisions and stick to his principles in doing so. I value that!

McCain, on the other hand, is an egotistical hothead who will sell us out to every whim of the liberals in Congress and the Senate. He has made a career of living at the public trough and is a Washington insider which is the last thing we need for a president. He is no friend to those of us who value free speech — remember McCain-Feingold? He is no friend to those of us who value the rule of law and legal immigration — remember the McCain-Kennedy amnesty plan? I do not trust this man and the fact that the liberal media endorses him just proves my point. He’s calling in favors from his 25 years in the Senate and that is why he is getting endorsements from GOP leaders. I’m sick of what has become of the Republican Party and voting for McCain will continue us on that path of destruction. Please, if you care about this country, then make the choice for Mitt Romney. A vote for any other Republican candidate will essentially give the nomination to McCain. If McCain gets the GOP nomination he won’t win against Hillary or Obama.

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  1. Norm
    Feb 2, 2008

    You need to step up to the microphone, and tell us what you think. Please don’t hold back.

  2. Tracy
    Feb 3, 2008

    You go girl! I voted early and Mitt Romney is my man too. I know from being from Utah how he overcame the shadow of dishonesty of the olympic board and made the Winter Olympics a profitable experience that the United States can be proud of.