Dream On

Wienerschnitzel is one of my favorite fast food hangouts. We went there for lunch today to get my usual mustard dog, french fries and a Pepsi. Sometimes I mix it up and get relish on my hot dog. While we were sitting there enjoying our yummy lunch I noticed the paper liner on the serving tray. It said something about franchise opportunities available. Hmm… wouldn’t that be fun?

Currently we drive to Tempe to enjoy these hotdog delights. Scottsdale could use its own Wienerschnitzel. Which part of Scottsdale would be best? A wise person would do some market research before deciding to embark on a franchise opportunity. Now, financing would be something else altogether. Considering the fact that we have zero money sitting around it’s going to be difficult. Having zero experience running a restaurant will also add to the impossibility of such a venture ever taking place. We would probably end up being on an episode of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.   Yes, I must be dreaming.