Got the Hiccups?

The Hic-Cup invention is device that gives a small electric charge to your temple to stop your hiccups.   I think my method works better and you don’t have to buy anything.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the hiccups, but I used to get them a lot and they caused me great discomfort.   Years ago when I was in college at San Diego State University I got the hiccups really bad one day while attending classes.   I was so desperate to get rid of them I went to the student medical center.   There was a nurse there who had worked in a Chicago ER for years and said she knew just the thing to stop my hiccups.   She gave me a small plastic cup filled with water and placed a paper towel over the opening of the cup and told me to drink through the paper towel.   In order to do that you have to sip and suck the water through the paper.   It worked!   I realized after a few years that all I needed to do was sip water very slowly through a straw to get the same effect.