Can You Relate?

I heard this story the other day and thought I would share it with you.

Imagine I’m holding a crisp, brand-new $100 bill.   Would you like it?   Of course you would!   Now, suppose I take this brand-new $100 bill and crush it up into a tiny ball and then I take it outside and throw it in a muddy spot in the dirt and then I roll over it a dozen times with my wheelchair.   Do you want it now?   I bet you answered yes.   Why?   Why would you want this piece of paper after it’s been damaged like that?   Because it’s still valuable!

I am just like that $100 bill and so are you.   Sometimes life takes us through the mud and we get crushed, but we still are valuable and that’s just the way God sees us in spite of the things we’ve been through.

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  1. pb
    Oct 26, 2006

    Even more valuable with each “imperfection.” Unlike money, our worth increases with the years.

    Each newly-minted bill has the same backstory as all the others of that lot. Its story grows and grows with each mark and crease. People comment especially on the stains! Not great for collectors, however, who prefer uncirculated pieces.

    Imagine remaining uncirculated! All our marks and creases and wrinkles make up the wonderful saga of our biography, the story of our lifetime. Makes shiny and new seem almost worthless.