The Path to 9/11

I plan on watching ABC’s “The Path to 9/11” despite all of the hype over the past couple of weeks.   It turns out that the director, David Cunningham, is the son of a friend of my father.   Small world!

Anyhow, I think the Democrats’ calls for editing of the film, etc. and all of their threats to pull ABC’s license are a clear example of the hypocrisy on the Left.   I don’t recall anyone suggesting Michael Moore or his film company or any company that sponsored his movie lose their rights to free speech when he produced a film that was full of lies.   Sure, we didn’t like it, but he had the right to show himself for the fool that he is by producing such garbage.   And yet the Clintons, Democrats and liberals of every stripe are outraged by this movie because they don’t agree with the message or the scenes or any of it for that matter.   It is a docudrama.   Everyone knows that when you make a movie about historical events you can’t believe everything you see and hear because you never know when artistic license is being employed.

Even if ABC does bow to threats and intimidation by the Democrats we certainly know who really protects free speech in this country!


  1. Deana Holmes
    Sep 10, 2006

    A couple of years ago, conservatives griped and moaned about a Reagan film they thought was incorrect. However, when liberals do the same thing, it’s hypocrisy. I think you don’t know the meaning of the word you used.

    Moreover, the people who were involved in the events leading up to 9/11 say that the representations of them are wrong. (That’d be Sandy Berger and Madeleine Albright, among others.) The 9/11 Commission Report says those representations are wrong. Even Harvey Keitel, who plays John O’Neill, said he holed up in a hotel room with David Cunningham for a day trying to get the truth straight on his part, among other things. We’re talking basic things, such as “what airline let Mohammed Atta on without really checking them?” Hint: it wasn’t American Airlines as portrayed in “Path to 9/11.” It was US Airways. But you wouldn’t know that from the movie.

    And finally, maybe you can ask your friend to ask his friend to ask David Cunningham how he can square telling lies and half-truths with being a Christian. Cunningham put out a propaganda hit piece on the Clinton administration, one filled with demonstrable lies, and yet I bet he thinks his conscience is clear. It’s not. It’s filthy dirty.

  2. Bill Hutchison
    Sep 10, 2006

    Deana Holmes has been around a bit lately commenting on blogs, including my own…

    I made similar comments about Michael Moore and his obvious agenda when he makes his documentaries. From reading a transcript about the making of the movie is sounds like David Cunningham made attempts at accuracy in making the movie, including changes during the making.

    One problem with making a movie so close to the actual event is that new information is coming to the surface all time, probably including between the writing of and the release of this mini-series.

  3. Karen of Scottsdale
    Sep 10, 2006

    Deanna, I find your comments oh so typical. Sandy Berger is a thief so how do we know he’s telling the truth? You obviously missed the whole point of what I was trying to say and that is that the Clintons and the Democrats are using their positions of political power to squelch free speech and that is hypocritical.

    Bill, thanks for the comment. Quite frankly I never thought this post would get any comments at all. It seems that trolls are always lurking and certain keywords seem to capture their attention. I’ll try not to mention Michael Moore any longer — LOL.