24: Day 5 11:00 P.M.

So I’m eating a peanut butter and red plum jelly sandwich on white bread with potato chips on the side trying to decide what to write about this week’s episode of 24. It was an interesting episode but for some reason nothing momentous standout in my mind. I keep thinking about that poor bank manager’s wife and how they left her tied up at the house. Will they ever go back and rescue her? And now her husband is dead even though he was really helpful to Jack Bauer and Wayne Palmer after he found out they were trying to find out who was behind the assassination of President Palmer. Isn’t it interesting that he was willing to help them once he knew why they were breaking into his bank vault? While we were watching the episode Norm asked me why the bank manager didn’t recognize Wayne Palmer. And no sooner had Norm asked the question we saw the bank manager telling Wayne Palmer that he knew who he was. He must’ve been listening to Norm.

So now that Jack Bauer has the audio recording of Henderson and President Logan discussing the assassination of President Palmer, Henderson is going to do everything he can to get rid of Bauer. I don’t think he will actually be able to kill Bauer because Kiefer Sutherland just signed a deal with Fox for three more years of playing Jack Bauer. It occurs to me however that Henderson may end up killing President Logan instead. According to what we heard in the audio recording Logan said it was clearly Henderson’s idea to assassinate Palmer and he did so without Logan’s knowledge or permission. Henderson said he’s trying to do everything to protect President Logan from the truth of what really happened becoming public, but Henderson has failed every time he has tried to get rid of Bauer. Maybe President Logan will have Henderson taken out?

Now Audrey Raines is bringing her father, the Secretary of Defense, into the whole mess. Can Audrey be trusted? Can her father be trusted? Can anybody on the show be trusted? Chloe is certainly going to get into a lot of trouble when Miles finds out she was the one who disabled their satellite transmission. Also, it looks like Aaron the Secret Service guy has become very suspicious of President Logan. This could be a good thing. Can’t wait to see what happens next! (By the way, my PB and J sandwich was delicious.)

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  1. David
    Apr 14, 2006

    I was disapointed that they didn’t explain to me how in the world the President could possibly have been behind this from the beginning. The guy had no idea that his chief of staff was involved… and NOW he’s running the operation. C’mon. That made me a little mad.

    But, I will suspend reality because I love the show. From here, I am guessing that the President could be killed. That might be the way out of it without discracing the nation.