Our New Pastor, Coffeehouse Tables and Apple Jelly

My wonderful husband Norm and I went to church yesterday as we usually do on Sundays. It was great to have our new pastor preach. He is definitely making some changes and they are very much needed.

One change that I noticed right away was not so much to my liking. We serve coffee and bagels or doughnuts before and after service to facilitate a hospitable atmosphere for getting to know your church family all the better. The food table was moved to another area to allow more room and coffeehouse tables were added. That in itself is great, but what bothered me was that the tables were all too high for someone sitting down to use. There are no chairs with the tables because they are the kind that you stand around. After church I saw pastor Mark standing at one of the tables talking to a lady I know. I went up to the table which came up to my nose and I looked at Pastor Mark and smiled and said that it would be very hard to eat like this. We both laughed and then he suggested that we need to get a couple of shorter tables. Bingo! I didn’t have to say it. This guy is smart and I think he will do well at our church. 🙂

After church we ate at a restaurant nearby that we’ve been to a few times before. They have started serving breakfast on Sundays so I decided I would be fun to have breakfast instead of lunch. My breakfast came with a choice of bread so I asked for a biscuit. It was an okay biscuit but what made it even better was the apple jelly I put on it. Yummy, yummy! It was one of those little containers of jelly put out by Smuckers that a lot of restaurants carry.

Norm and I went to the grocery store this afternoon and I suggested we get peanut butter and jelly because ever since yesterday I’ve been wanting that apple jelly. Much to my dismay there was no apple jelly to be found anywhere! Ten different brands of jelly and not one of them have apple jelly. Why is that? Now I’m going to have to hunt for it all over town.

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  1. Vanda
    Apr 11, 2006

    Mmmmmmmm apple jelly! Gee thanks Karen, now I’m going to have to find some LOL.

    John found some great Mexican food in the supermarket a couple of weeks ago and we’ve been indulging ourselves and while he’s been in the hosptal I hate to admit that Sunday I totally pigged out;-)