Warm Fuzzy Creatures

There’s nothing more fun than sitting next to my husband watching TV and having one of my cats curled up in my lap. Pure bliss! There’s something very special about those warm fuzzy creatures. Tonight it was GG, who normally doesn’t like to be held, but lately has been rather fond of curling up in my lap while letting me pet her while she purrs and goes to sleep.

Is there a similar feeling when a mother holds her child while she sleeps in her lap? I wondered about this while I gently stroked GG’s back. It must be frightening to hold your baby knowing that he or she depends on you for so very much and yet at the same time it must be such a joy. There’s a part of you that will go on and live life all over again. While it is pleasurable to hold my cats they will never provide me with the fulfillment of motherhood.

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  1. pb
    Apr 7, 2006

    A friend of mine spoke similarly once. She had a cat and was now longing for a baby. She had four children, now mostly grown.

    I have wanted a son for a long time. (And perhaps I lost at least one in the several miscarriages I had when I was younger.) But every now and then I find a “son” who comes to me. First in the young men of the neighborhood, then in the young fellows at work, and lately in the young beaus of my daughters.

    Most of the time I welcome these young men, especially when I can see them as the “sons” sent to me by Life and the Lord. I also seem to collect daughters in much the same way. Sometimes it can be great fun.

    Perhaps you can look around in your various situations and find that you have these daughters and sons, too. It may even be that they were longing for a “mother” like yourself.

    I’d be willing to bet hard cash that you already have them. And they know you for that “mother” they always wanted. You are so very giving, and probably way too modest to notice how much you mean to them.

    Hugs to you, BlogSister!