24: Day Five 9:00 p.m.

A lot of strange things happen in the world of 24.

  • It’s possible in a matter of eight minutes for someone like Chloe to dig up the activities of a group of people (Audrey, Henderson and Cummings) for the past 18 months. Oddly enough Chloe can get hotel managers, in the middle of the night, to confirm hotel reservations and bills down to actually who stayed in who’s room, still within that eight minutes. Later on Chloe is able to find evidence of a connection between Collette and Henderson in about 10 minutes time. This girl is good with a computer and Internet. Either she is the female techie version of Jack Bauer or she is the mole.
  • Terrorists can fool police into giving them free use of their cars. They can even break into a gas company undetected, however, they can’t figure out where the control room is even though they have the schematics.
  • Somehow Wayne Palmer is able to retrieve a very large automatic weapon from his coat pocket after having escaped his car crash while being chased by the bad guys.
  • The presidential retreat is such a weird place that automatic weapon fire and missiles being launched are ignored by everyone. Not the kind of place I would want to be if I were president.
  • Some women have a certain aversion to being touched casually by their employers. Especially if they work for the government.

Those are just a few things that I thought were rather strange about this episode. I’m not even going to touch the whole Audrey and Jack torture and then later kiss-and-make-up scenes. Totally strange.

After last week’s episode I thought that it was the vice president who ordered the hit on Wayne Palmer, but now we know that it was Henderson. So how does Henderson have so many connections at the presidential retreat? It could still be that the vice president is in collusion with Henderson or someone in Secret Service or in the president’s inner circle is in collusion with Henderson. Also, Audrey could still be the mole or somehow involved with the bad guys. And, by the way, I think Jack is still alive although he’s probably a bit burnt around the edges by now. No telling about Bierko. 24 is certainly getting more and more interesting.

Rush Limbaugh interviews Joel Surnow and Howard Gordon from “24.” (read the transcript)

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  1. Fordee
    Mar 30, 2006

    No doubt it was a surprising episode. Lots of silly things happened.

    I thought it implausible that a security guard at the gas plant would take no notice of a Russian accent on the worst day of terrorist activity in the US History… when they are in the middle of a lockdown of LA for that very reason.

    Great episode though. I definitely think the VP is in on it. He’s too dirty looking. I was glad they didn’t kill off Wayne Palmer. At least not yet.