Phoenix Protest March

Perhaps you heard what happened today in Phoenix? An estimated 15,000 people, the majority of whom were illegal immigrants from Mexico, marched in protest of the House bill regarding illegal immigration. Police had to shut down 24th St., a major thoroughfare in downtown Phoenix, because of the protest marchers. As a result traffic was at a standstill on many streets and businesses along Camelback and 24th St. were basically shut down.

Here’s what I find interesting — they marched to Senator Jon Kyle’s office to protest a House bill. Seems a bit odd to me. Also, this was an illegal march in support of illegal immigrants. They did not have a permit to hold the march. Had they gotten a permit the city of Phoenix officials and police would have been more than happy to accommodate the request, and traffic could have been rerouted ahead of time and businesses could have been alerted to the fact that there would not be access to their business for a specified period of time. So it seems that people who are in support of breaking laws to enter this country are also in support of breaking laws while in this country.

Immigration is wonderful and I fully support people who come here legally. It would seem to me that if this many people from Mexico, who are here illegally, are willing to get together as a group this large and protest, then they ought to be able to do something in their own country to turn the tide of corruption that causes their lives to be miserable. The problem with life in Mexico has nothing to do with a lack of resources and everything to do with corruption at all levels.


  1. NormB
    Mar 25, 2006

    Permits? Permits” They don’t need no stinnkin Permits?

  2. Vanda
    Mar 25, 2006

    Well said Karen!

  3. Colin
    Mar 25, 2006

    I love Mexico, and I have been all over it on close to 50 business trips. The Country would be full of opportunity for its people if the crime and corruption would be controlled.

    There are vicious undercurrents there that instill a fear and hopelessness in the poor, not unlike what went on in New York when it was inundated by the then underclass of LEGAL immigrants from Ireland (including my ancestors from County Monaghan). I sincerely hope Mexico finally would get its act together.

    While Fox has been a thumb in the eye of the former ruling party (The PRI) and has been a breath of fresh air for the modernization of several aspects of Mexican law, the PAN party he leads is even more hysterical and strident than the PRI when it comes to castigating us for following the same types of laws the Mexicans themselves brutally enforce along their southern border. And I mean brutally.

    Anybody living north of our border with Mexico please know that if you tried to live in Mexico and pull off the same crap that Mexicans living here illegally do all the time, the inside of a Mexican jail is where you would end up in a heartbeat… and while I have never been inside a Mexican jail, I have heard they are not nice places.

  4. Fordee
    Mar 26, 2006

    I completely agree with you. I also live in a border state (Texas). I teach school and have had 100s of kids that have come directly from Mexico. BUT, I feel as if they are not here legally and if they are breaking the law they should be punished to the full extent of that law.

    I am usually a very liberal person on many counts, but not on this one. The chances we are taking with lax border security is a huge chance post 911.

  5. Ian
    Mar 27, 2006

    Leviticus 19:33-34.

  6. Karen of Scottsdale
    Mar 28, 2006

    Aliens, whether here legally or illegally, are generally treated better than the place they have come from. They receive food and shelter, medical care, and education.