Have you heard of this? My father’s been telling me about it for a couple of months since he has become hooked on these puzzles. Yesterday I took the plunge and decided to take a look at what Sudoku is all about. At first I thought this was a math puzzle so I really wasn’t that interested. But now that I have explored it I have learned that it’s basically a logic based placement puzzle. You can read more about it at Wikipedia.

What I like about this game is that I can play it on a piece of paper anywhere. It seems that so many of the games I enjoy are computer games, which really defeats the purpose of having some recreation time because I’m on my computer all day anyways. Now I have found something I can do off the computer. allows you to choose your level of difficulty, play online , or be able to print up to four puzzles on a page. Yesterday, I did my first one and it took me about 20 minutes so I did a second one and that took me only 10 minutes. Of course that was that at the easy level. Last night I decided to try the medium level and I am still working on that one. I was almost finished and then I realized that I goofed up somewhere and had to start backtracking to find my mistake. Now I am hooked. Thanks Dad!


  1. pb
    Mar 19, 2006

    My GolferGirl buddy introduced me to Sudoku last year. I can only solve at the easy level, but I am hooked. Sadly, I don’t have time to do both a Crossword AND Sudoku every day. Good luck to you, Blogsister!

  2. Dad
    Mar 20, 2006

    When you are good enough to do them with an ink pen you have arrived. Just did the hard level this morning with an ink pen. too about 20 min. so I am not that good. Does get the brain in motion. Have worked on the evil level but still consider it very evil – using combo of ink and pencil. Enjoy them my most precious daughter.

  3. Dad
    Mar 22, 2006

    Me again. Spoke too soon. Had a hard level today that felt more evil. Took a couple of hours, off and on, and the part time use of pencil. It was hard puzzle # 8,010,985,985. Enjoy, DAD