Jack Bauer Cried

It seems that he does have a lot to cry about. Specifically in this episode: his daughter outright rejects him and lets him know that she does not want him in her life. People he has worked with for years are dying around him and some of them were specifically targeted because they knew he was still alive. He risks his life countless times and very few people really thank him for what he does. And then his friend and coworker Tony dies in his arms. Jack definitely has good reasons to cry unlike President Wiesel who cries all the time and is such a whiner with no backbone or a leadership skill in his body it makes me sick! LOL

Favorite moments from this week’s episode:
Jack brings Chloe back to reality by pretending to strangle Kim’s boyfriend/psychologist.
Chloe reminds Kim that psychologists usually give advice that they never take themselves.
McGill confesses the error of his ways and then sacrifices himself to save the others.

Sorry this post is so short. I would write more but I’m getting confused about 24 because I have been watching season one episodes to catch up with what I had missed because I never saw season one. Now I’m totally confused as to what has happened in season five compared to season one. It definitely a great show and I will keep watching!


  1. Fordee
    Mar 16, 2006

    Season 1 and 2 are incredible. Season 3 SUCKED. Overall, one of the very best shows on tv over the last few years. My advice? Catch up on 24 during the down time. It is real confusing.

    Since Battlestar Galactica ended, I am now catching up on the first season that I missed. It is so much fun… because the season is over, I still have episodes to watch.

  2. March Hare
    Mar 21, 2006

    I’m the 24 addict in my house. I am ~so~ tired of the wishy-washy, muddle-headed President. I love Jean Smart as the First Lady. And Mike, the President’s Chief of Staff–who woulda thunk?

    Kim needs a shrink, but I don’t like the one she has…