Missing the Rain

It’s been 141 days since we’ve had any rain in the Phoenix area. Today we saw a lot of dark clouds and wind and much cooler temperatures, but only a trickle of drops that amounted to about 100th of an inch of rain in Scottsdale. I actually heard a couple of drops hitting ventilation pipes on the roof while working at my computer late this afternoon. Alas, it was only a couple of drops.

Earlier today I was at my chiropractor’s office discussing the possibility of rain with her office assistant. She is from the East Coast and doesn’t like rain but thinks it is odd that her husband always sits on the patio every time we get a rainstorm around here. I had to laugh because that’s exactly what I do whenever it rains here. There’s something that happens in the air when the desert receives rain that you don’t get in other places. I lived many years in the San Diego area and spent much of my childhood in south Louisiana. When it rains in those places it doesn’t feel like it does when it rains in the desert.

There’s something about the desert that makes you recognize your need for rain. In the Bible rain can be seen as a symbol of God’s blessing on the land. Living in a dry, parched land helps one to understand that metaphor. They’re forecasting rain for this weekend. I’m praying it will come!

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  1. pb
    Mar 9, 2006

    Wow. Even with the flu, I can imagine the loveliness of your wished-for rain. If I could I would send you ours. But it’s a cold, chilling, nasty rain that goes right to the bone. Maybe it would warm up on the way over?