Musical Entertainment and Today’s Funny

Yesterday I was at the mall getting my hair cut (I like shorthair) and on my way out I went through Nordstrom’s just for giggles because I can’t afford to buy anything there. They always have someone playing piano which is nice. I wasn’t paying too much attention to the music and then suddenly I realized it was a familiar tune — “Just a Closer Walk with Thee.” (This link goes to a site with a very jazzy rendition of the song.) I haven’t heard that song in a long time! If I had a good voice I would’ve started singing it out loud because you don’t often hear that kind of music in Nordstrom’s. It really made my day and I hummed that tune all the way out the mall to wait for Norm to pick me up.

Saw this joke today at the Neither Here nor There blog in Israel.

“15,000 atheists rioted in London today when a blank piece of paper was found on a cartoonist’s desk.”

That just cracks me up! LOL

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  1. Garrett O'Hara
    Nov 30, -0001

    Bart Millard has a very good jazzy rendition of it in his “Hymned” album. I must admit however that I’ve never heard any other rendition, so I’m somewhat biased.