Things You Will See at the Drugstore

My doctor’s office called today to inform me I tested positive for H. pylori bacteria which can cause stomach ulcers or stomach cancer, so they ordered more medication for me. Yikes! So off we go to Walgreens where Norm likes to use their drive-through pharmacy pickup window. We get to the store and I tell him I want to go inside because I need to discuss this medication with a pharmacist and I don’t like doing it from inside the car. While we are waiting in line to speak with a pharmacist there’s a man in front of us leaning into the window discussing his child’s medication. He must’ve been a construction worker because his butt crack was showing. Norm and I gave each other knowing looks.

After my conversation with the pharmacist, we’re walking down the aisle and not 5 feet away from the pharmacy window I hear Norm groaning behind me. “Yeah, I see that one too,” I said, because right in front of us was a woman crouching down to look at something on the bottom shelf and low and behold we saw her thong underwear sticking out of her pants. On the way out to the car I tell Norm we would have never seen those lovely sites had we used the drive through pickup window! Norm assured me he would have rather not seen them and I must admit I feel the same way. Please, all you people who don’t pull your pants up all the way or wear low risers — at least have the courtesy of wearing long shirts that go below your waist by at least 6 inches! Thank You.


  1. Garrett O'Hara
    Feb 25, 2006

    I especially hate it when it’s possible to see further than the thong. I’m not exactly the purest in mind around, but stuff like that definitely doesn’t help us men out.

    And on the men’s side, I tend to feel like punching every single man I see who intentionally leaves his trousers down six to nine inches in order to show off the pattern of his boxers. I thought I had left that phenomenon when I left high school, but the occasional offender still shows up in my college classes.

  2. NormB
    Feb 28, 2006

    Garrett, the man in the drugstore forgot his boxers….Can you imagine that picture?