What if other things in life were like American Idol?

I must admit I’ve never been interested in this program but lately have seen bits and pieces of recent episodes of auditions in big cities. It seems odd to me that hundreds of people who cannot sing in tune would tryout for the show and then be so disappointed and angry when they were told you can’t sing. As I pondered the whole concept of American Idol, I started thinking what if they held auditions for jobs like neuro surgeon or nuclear physicist in the same way they do for American Idol. Could you imagine this scenario? A potential candidate for neuro surgeon goes before the panel of judges expecting to get the job in spite of the fact that he or she has not gone to medical school and they have no understanding of human anatomy and cannot stand the sight of blood. Or how about the person who applies for the job of nuclear physicist without any comprehension of higher math let alone an understanding of nuclear physics and never even heard of Albert Einstein.

Maybe that would make a good reality show? Remember you read it here first.

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  1. sarahk
    Feb 9, 2006

    well now, that would be an incredibly boring show. of course, i think all shows about business (work, etc) are snoozers. like The Apprentice. what a beating.

    but American Idol. we get to pick who gets an album. we at least get 1 or two artists on the radio who aren’t Neckid Britney and other crap.