It’s Beginning to Feel like the Holidays

It was actually cold today here in lovely Scottsdale. We left for church this morning at 10 a.m. and it was only 51 ° and when we went to lunch after church it was only 56 °. Much too cold for this sun lover! It was clear and crisp, and in the sun it didn’t feel too bad except when the wind caught you with its chilly fingers. Definitely didn’t get my Sunday afternoon nap in the backyard like I usually do when it’s mild and sunny this time of year.

Norm brought me hot chocolate from Starbucks and my favorite Madeleine cookies for our late afternoon treat. Until today I haven’t really felt like being in the holiday spirit. With this crispy cool weather is certainly helps. I think I’ll start decorating my blog for Christmas since I won’t be decorating my house. We’ll be celebrating the holidays with my family in San Diego, but that’s a few weeks away.

I just heard on the news that it’s going to be even colder early tomorrow morning — around 38 ° — yikes! One thing about the cold weather that I do like is that my cats love to snuggle when they come in from the cold. Miss Ellie, my 13 year old calico Tabby, spent most of the evening curled up in my lap while we watched the Hallmark Hall of Fame Silver Bells movie. I’m sure she will be curled up next to me all through the night.

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  1. darlene
    Dec 7, 2005

    Just describing what you did, Norm bringing you hot chocolate and cookies, the cats snuggled up watching Hallmark Hall of Fame movies (which I too love), you help send forth the holiday spirit. Thanks! Isn’t it a good feeling?

    But I have to laugh… it’ll be a high of 14 degrees tomorrow, here in St. Paul, MN. But this is just a cold snap; once we get past it, we should be having 25 to 30 degree highs. A heat wave ^–^ Happy Holidays!