Hit Him Again!

Watched a recording Friday night of last week’s Alias episode. Junior spy agent, Rachel, encounters her former boss who is now her arch enemy with no gun and no backup insight. They get into a fight and he obviously is going to overpower her. Resourceful person that she is, she finds a shovel when he thinks she has fallen for the last time. She comes up behind him and bangs him on the head. Her mentor Sidney reaches her via radio:

SYDNEY: Rachel, where are you?
RACHEL: I just hit Dean on the head with a shovel.
SYDNEY: Is he dead?
RACHEL: I don’t think so.
SYDNEY: Hit him again!

Norm and I have a similar conversation whenever he hits a cockroach! LOL


  1. Anonymous
    Nov 21, 2005

    LOL – I did!

  2. Teem
    Nov 21, 2005

    Kill ’em dead.