Television, Culture Wars & My Inner Dialogue

Found this great article today by one of my favorite bloggers, Ambra of, entitled The Dangers of Ugg Theory. Really, she is just talking about culture wars and I couldn’t agree more with her assessment. Here’s an excerpt from her article:

Television, movies and music don’t follow the culture. Instead, they dictate, prophesy, and cast vision and ideology to the culture. We become what we eat. Television is quite clever really. Every week, in 30-minute or 1-hour increments, philosophy and worldview can be disseminated to the masses, one channel, one reality show, and one series at a time. I am not now nor have I ever been a conspiracy theorist. I like my television and tune in regularly to get my unnecessary fix. Will my children be doing the same on a regular basis? Not under my hawk-eye watch. I am increasingly concerned by the suspicious and subliminal doctrine that consistently hits our airwaves.

I couldn’t agree more! She goes on to talk about a recent episode of The Apprentice and how Trump criticizes a man named Adam, one of the show contestants, for his lack of “sexual experience” and his uncomfortableness with the subject of sex. (Adam is Jewish and, though it is not clear through the episode, one can pick up on the fact that he is probably abstaining from sex for religious reasons.)

TRUMP: “Listen, Adam isn’t good with sex. You might be in ten years, but right now, you don’t feel comfortable with sex. Do you agree with that?”
ADAM: I agree with you sir.
TRUMP: You will. Someday, you will. It’s gotten me into a lot of trouble, Adam. It’s cost me a lot of money. You understand that? You’ll probably be there. In many respects, I hope you are. Because there’s nothing else like it.

I saw this part of The Apprentice episode, and like Ambra, I was astounded. It seemed ironic to me that Trump was lecturing and scolding Adam on his weakness over the subject of sex. Trump is the weaker person on that issue if you ask me! Isn’t it just like those who are truly miserable to want other people to join their misery? They will tell you they are happy but the truth is they are not. Those who abstain from sex do so because they want something better. Now that is an example of strength.

Anyhow, I enjoy TV but I do find it often about a culture war. Generally when I watch TV I have this inner dialogue (and sometimes it is loud enough for my husband to hear) on why I disagree with what’s being shown to me. I find it makes TV a more enjoyable experience if I can tell them why they’re wrong! If I argue with the premise being shown or the myth being foisted on me as fact, I protect myself from the subliminal influence. It’s the same with reading the newspaper or magazine articles or listening to the news. Question everything! Know your stuff and know the truth and point out aberrations whenever possible. Otherwise you might be sucked in to the boob tube!

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  1. Teem
    Nov 17, 2005

    Good points. Television is an educator. The problem is we all too often forget about the way television prosletyzes while we watch.