The Perils of Web Cams

Each morning my wonderful husband, Norm, and I chat online using Yahoo’s Messenger with a web cam on my computer. It’s not the best picture and sometimes it’s rather choppy but it does the job so that Norm can see me each day.

Last week my Aunt was visiting from the Midwest. I was chatting online with Norm one morning when my aunt informed me she was going in to take her shower. After she entered the bathroom, her cell phone began to ring so I called out to her, “your cell phone is ringing.” She stuck her head out bathroom door and asked if it was all clear — meaning, did my father leave the house yet. My mother informed her it was safe to come out of the bathroom.

We set up my computer in a corner of the living room which is near the hall bathroom. I had the web cam on because I was chatting with Norm, but we were not using audio. My back is to the room and I’m facing the computer screen and there is a small window in the corner of the screen showing what can be seen on the web cam. Suddenly, I see my aunt’s bare back in the web cam window. She was coming into the living room to retrieve her ringing cell phone. Before it dawned on me what was happening, she bent over to pick up her purse off the floor — and there in the web cam window was her completely naked hind quarters! I quickly clicked off the Web cam. Thank God there is a delay in the transmission of the picture!

I didn’t say anything to Norm — hoping he had not seen what I had seen. I kept typing into the chat window as if nothing had happened. A few seconds later Norm types, “what happened to the Web cam?” I ignored his question and turned on the Web cam. We continued our conversation and Norm knew nothing of what transpired.

My aunt had no idea that she mooned cyberspace! I held onto the secret for as long as I could — which was about 2 minutes — and then I told my mother. We both laughed hysterically. Later I told my aunt what happened because I knew she is the kind of woman who enjoys a good laugh — even at her own expense. She thought it was hilarious and it became “our story” to share with everyone we visited the rest of the week.


  1. March Hare
    Oct 12, 2005

    ROTFLOL! (I’m at work, if you can imagine…) That’s the kind of thing that would happen to me! Good thing your aunt has a sense of humor…

  2. NormB
    Oct 13, 2005

    And there I was, not having a clue to what I was missing….

  3. pb
    Oct 14, 2005

    Yeah, well, Norm, in our house, my husband would probably not notice, but the letter carrier would be on it like ugly on a gorilla. Lots of huge windows=no webcams in the Little Pond.

  4. Teem
    Oct 14, 2005

    That’s funny. Gotta be careful with those webcams.