My Pirate Impression

Echoing Pat’s Pond in honor of Pirate Day, which I think was yesterday, I’ll share a funny story from the Norm and Karen files.

My wonderful husband Norm helps me take a shower each morning. Sometimes he gets water in my eye (imagine that) and so I have to close one eye because of the irritating feeling of the water in my eye. So I look up at Norm with my one eye closed and I say in my best pirate imitation, “Ayyyy, Matey!” (Maybe you have to be there.)


  1. pb
    Sep 22, 2005

    Good to have shared the day. At work I was frustrated by the illness-related absence of the one person who would have shared my enthusiasm.

    Want irony? He returned with a head full of congestion, and sounded like a pirate all day yesterday.

  2. NormB
    Sep 24, 2005

    “Shiver my timbers”