Life Equals Change

This statement was something I learned in graduate school while studying business management but in reality it is something I probably learned from the very beginning but never really thought about it. To live is to change because each day things are different than they were the day before. We are constantly aging and the world around us is constantly changing as it moves from one stage of life to another. Even the things that appear to be constant are in a continual state of change but we just cannot see it.

Big changes have occurred in my life recently and even though I know that life is about change I still am caught by surprise. My husband is recovering from surgery and it may be six to eight weeks before we can be together again. I’m staying with my parents now until he recovers so my home is not my own. My life is not what it was a few weeks ago. Even though my life is in a constant state of change there is one thing I know that never changes and that is my God.
God’s presence is with me daily and he is also with Norm. I spoke with Norm on the phone this morning and was pleased to hear a strong and positive voice on the other end of the line. We had a bit of a scare last night as Norm had chest pains and a sudden drop in blood pressure. The physician’s assistant I spoke with last night told me this was a minor heart attack (I can’t remember the medical term he used) and it is not unusual for someone to have this occur after recent surgery. Norm told me he is feeling better and I can tell from his voice it was true. He believes he is right where God wants him to be and he is receiving the best medical care available because he is at Mayo clinic Hospital. He said the medical staff are very caring and are doing everything they need to do to help him recover. Knowing this is a great relief. When you are so far away from the situation as I am, you imagine all sorts of things and that is not good.

For the past week, actually for the past three weeks, my emotions have been all over the map and so have my thoughts. My feelings really aren’t the best gauge of what is happening. I remind myself that as often as I can. The way I feel about the situation does not change it nor does it really tell me what is actually happening. God is the one who is in control of this situation and I know from his word and from my own experience that I have nothing to worry about. What ever may occur I know that God will be with me and his grace will be sufficient to meet my present needs. As I learned from Bible studies in the past, I know that God’s grace is just enough for what I need today just like the manna he fed the Israelites. They received just enough for each day’s meal requirements.

I’m trying to settle into a routine in my temporary home away from home. I’ve got my computer set up and I want to get back into regular blogging and my other computer projects. Instead of going to my own church I attend my parents church and that is a comfort because I am known there and not a stranger. My father is the pastor and my younger brother is the worship and youth pastor. I am in a very safe place to be in the arms of my family! Norm is glad that I am well cared for here and so am I.

We’re having a heat wave in San Diego right now and my parent’s air conditioner has completely died with no hope of resurrection. At least we have tabletop fans. I am trying to think cool thoughts. Mom and I have discussed going to Barnes & Noble to enjoy the air conditioning and check out some new books. Unfortunately right now she is doing errands so I am at home with their dog Mitzi.

One of the nice things about being here is that I can see my nieces and my grandmother who is 84 years old. Although my brother and his family are away for the weekend I will be able to spend time with my nieces before they start school in September. My grandmother lives very close to my parents home and she has an air conditioner that works! We were at her house last night and it was nice and cool. I am blessed that my family and I get along so well. My parents are my friends as well as Mom and Dad. My mom and I will be busy working on projects together while I am here.

Enough for now — my blogging muscles are tired. LOL


  1. Pat Baker
    Aug 27, 2005

    You are wise to know that “feelings are not facts.” You have the rest of your life to sort out the details.

    You remain in my prayers and thoughts. I cannot imagine being as strong as you are. How blessed you are that your safety net is so reliable! We are watching and praying, all over the map, apparently.

    Our love.

  2. Teem
    Aug 29, 2005

    I pray God will encourage and strengthen you and bring speedy healing to Norm.