Thunder and Lightning and Liberal Justices Run Amok

It’s that time a year again here in Scottsdale (Phoenix Metro) — monsoon season. Tonight we had our first storm of the season and it was a doozy. The wind kicks up and dust and debris swirls everywhere as we hear rumblings of thunder from the sky. The dark mass of clouds moves over and heavy rain pours down. I like to watch the storm from under my patio cover in the backyard but this time I had to go inside because 40 mph wind gusts drove the rain right into the patio and nearly blew me out of my wheelchair! The storm brought about lots of lighting and over an inch of rain. That’s a lot of rain in the desert! Unfortunately, the lighting has started a fire on a mountain probably 10 miles away in Paradise Valley. The mountain has many multimillion dollar homes on it — I hope they have insurance. At this time news reports indicate no homes have been hit. Another fire that has been raging for several days is about 25 miles northeast of Scottsdale in the Cave Creek area. Many people there have lost their homes. I do enjoy the thunder storms we have this time of year by I must admit that they can be hazardous at times. My prayers go out to those who have lost their homes.

In light of today’s decision by the Supreme Court allowing cities to take away one’s property for commercial purposes I wonder which is worse — losing your home to a lightning fire or having the city declare your property rights null and void so someone can build a condominium or a retail center? I think the latter would be worse because you can get fire insurance for your home and property. Unfortunately there is no such thing as insurance protecting you from our liberal Supreme Court who are taking away our rights little by little as they legislate from the bench.

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  1. Anonymous
    Jun 24, 2005

    AMEN to that