Legalities and Such

San Diego was my home for about 20 years before I moved to Scottsdale to be with Norm when we got married. I miss San Diego and the friends I left behind. A few weeks ago I was catching up with one of my San Diego friends via the Internet. She had been looking for a new job for couple of years and finally found one late last year. She really likes her employer and the work she does for her clients as a caregiver.

As a caregiver, my friend has become close to one of her clients and they’ve even gone out to eat as families together at the client’s invitation. There’s a new HR person at the office and this person has laid down some rules at work. Now my friend has learned that she is not allowed to have her children around clients. Of course she doesn’t bring her children to work, but feels fine socializing after work hours or on nonwork days with her client and her family. The new HR person says this is strictly forbidden.

My friend is concerned that she might lose her job over something she does on her days off. I suggested she talk to an attorney. I’ve scoured the Internet and sent her an e-mail recently saying click here for San Diego employment attorney. Hopefully, she will get some great advice on what to do. Personally I don’t think an employer can tell you what you cannot do on your time off. But, I’m not an attorney so, I don’t want to give erroneous advice.