A couple of weeks ago I was at my doctors having a checkup.  She wanted to know how I was recovering from last months hospital stay.  We talked about all the things that went on at the hospital and how I was feeling, etc. There was the usual taking a vitals with all the equipment that always fascinates me – the stethoscope, the blood pressure kit, the pulse oximeter and the thermometer.  My eyes wandered over to the wall and I saw the Welch Allyn equipment.  This reminded me that my year has been bothering me for a couple of days.  She looked into my ear with the otoscope to see what might be going on in my ear canal.  The next thing I know I’m having my ear irrigated because it’s so plugged up with wax she can’t see my eardrum. It didn’t actually hurt, but it wasn’t a lot of fun. At least I can hear better now!