Another Hospitalization

Well, I’m still alive after 12 days in November ensconced at our local hospital. For the second year in a row I’ve spent a holiday in the hospital, this time Thanksgiving, whereas last year it was Christmas. I had some sort of respiratory infection that some thought was pneumonia and a few other issues that I won’t go into here. Long story short, I came out with a belly piercing to envy all others. I now sport a handy-dandy feeding tube. I can still eat, but the medical staff decided I don’t eat enough to properly nourish my body, so I supplement with medical quality formula through a feeding tube directly into my stomach. Exciting!

I’ve been home from the hospital for a couple of weeks now and I’m just starting to feel somewhat normal again. Hospitalizations always have a bad effect on me and it takes me a while to get my mojo back. It has started to crop up now and then, so things are looking good.