Dealing with Bureaucratic Red Tape

As a person who has been significantly disabled for a very long time I have had to deal with a lot of government agencies and the bureaucratic system. The red tape and mountains of paperwork are quite annoying, but it’s the seemingly endless waiting that drives one insane.  I found myself in a situation that will require applying for assistance with a state agency that provides services I need and I am not  looking forward to the application process because I know it will be a mountain of paperwork and a waiting game.

The last time I went through a bureaucratic mess when I applied for federal disability benefits when I was no longer able to work.  That system is so full of red tape and over a year of waiting that many people find it necessary to hire an SSDI attorney to help with the process.  I hope the program I am applying for won’t be as difficult because I’m not aware of attorneys who specialize in dealing with this particular state agency.  Time to take a deep breath and dive in.