What the Cool Kids Wear

When I was a very young child I fell and bumped my head against a brick, thus splitting my head open.  It required a couple of stitches to close the wound.  Not long after that the medical powers that be decided I should wear a protective helmet to keep from injuring myself since I couldn’t walk and I was often accident prone when playing on the floor.  It was a dorky looking helmet and I was embarrassed to wear it.  The only kids I had ever seen wear such helmets were intellectually challenged and not capable of realizing that purposely hitting your head against the wall was not the best way to play.

It wasn’t long before I quit wearing the helmet out of pure embarrassment and decided I just needed to be more careful.  Too bad my parents didn’t consider equestrian helmets as an alternative to the one given to me by the rehab therapist.  After all, it’s much cooler looking and it fit the occasion since most of my accidents occurred when my brother and I were horsing around.  (Oh, I crack myself up sometimes!)