Well, It Sounded Good

Corn dogs have always been a favorite ever since I can remember. There is just something delicious about cornbread around a hot dog on a stick slathered with mustard. Remember those places at the mall called Hotdog on a Stick? Yummy!

The other day I saw a commercial on TV for new breakfast product using Jimmy Dean sausage. It looks just like a corn dog only it’s a pancake wrapped around a sausage on a stick. Three minutes in the microwave and you’ve got breakfast. I’ve had one three times now in the past month and every time I eat it my brain gets my mouth confused. When you bite into it is sweet, like a pancake. However, my brain is expecting the taste of cornbread. It’s all I can do to keep from putting mustard on it! LOL

This product is marketed to adolescents as a quick breakfast before going off to school to avoid the unwanted consequences of going without breakfast. I wonder if it has an hgh releaser? Lately it seems I’m growing, but maybe that’s not why.