Oh What Joy

A couple weeks ago an acquaintance of mine posted on twitter “it’s a boy!”   His wife had given birth to baby number seven at home.   How exciting!   I suppose it would have been a good time to give the father Padron cigars.   He could have passed them out via twitter.   Now that would be interesting to see.

Anyhow, I was privileged yesterday with the joy of seeing the new baby in person.   His mother held him up close to me.   I cannot hold babies because my arms are not strong enough.   He was sleeping and wrapped up in one of those swaddling blankets.   How precious he looked.   I could not resist lightly caressing his arm that hung down outside of the blanket.   He grabbed a hold of my finger and it was pure joy for me.

A single tear is slowly making its way down my cheek as I write this and recall yesterday.   I’ve never really had a strong desire to become a mother, but now and then I wish I was.