Breathing Lessons

Over 10 years ago I suffered through a bout of pneumonia.   It was a scary time for me and one that I hope I don’t ever have to repeat.   I remember being in the hospital very congested and finding it difficult to breathe.   I was put on oxygen and that did make breathing a lot easier, but I was stuck in bed as the oxygen came out of a pipe in the wall.   Fortunately for me using oxygen was a short-term therapy and I did not need to use oxygen once I left the hospital.   I’ve seen people using portable oxygen devices such as the inogen oxygen concentrator.   It seems to give a much better quality of life for those who are dependent on oxygen for breathing effectively.

A long time ago I read that most people don’t breathe correctly due to bad posture.   I’m one of those people so I often have to remind myself to breathe deeply and to tilt my chair back throughout the day so I can take in deep breaths.   Ah, that’s better.