Thirsty Diner

We go out to eat quite a bit and for the most part I usually enjoy my dining experiences because of the good food and good service.   A good server will come around and ask if everything is okay and check for refills on your iced tea or beverage of choice.   Lately it seems that refills are hard to come by.   The server will come around when you first get your drinks and right after your food is delivered to see if everything is satisfactory, but then they disappear.   Just today we went out for lunch and our server came by several times early on in the meal, but at some point he disappeared and we weren’t offered refills on our beverages until he shows up with the bill for our meal.   Where was our server when we needed him?   For all I know he’s back there talking with the rest of the serving staff about the best hgh supplement or how the Diamondbacks are doing.   I need a drink refill during my meal not after I have finished it and am ready to leave.