It’s Not Always Easy

Someone very close to me has been dealing with pain in their body for several weeks.   The exact cause of the pain is unknown and going through the medical system has been unhelpful.   This person has been prescribed various opiate painkillers.   My friend doesn’t like taking drugs and so has only taken a few of the prescribed medications.   They made her sick so she quit taking them.   Quite frankly I’m glad because it would be very easy to become addicted to opiate painkillers.   You hear about it all the time and then the person is not only dealing with pain but also with addiction.   Quitting opiate medication is not easy because there are often horrific side effects.   One’s body gets very ill when going cold turkey.   Some have suggested rapid detox as a method to easily cleanse one’s body from drug addiction.   I don’t know anyone who’s gone through it, but it would seem to me that it would only solve half the battle.   The emotional and spiritual side of addiction still has to be dealt with.   I’m thankful my friend is finding other ways to deal with her physical pain.   Prayer and reliance upon God is a very big help.   One’s attitude can make all the difference too.