Dental Woes

For over a month I’ve been dealing with major dental issues.   The last couple of weeks it’s gotten worse to the point where I can only eat mushy food.   Chewing on either side of my mouth is just not possible because of molars that need root canals.   Dental work is very expensive and so I am having to put it on hold until I can figure out how to pay for it.   Weekly trips to the grocery store have become a game of looking for things to eat that don’t require chewing.   Because it’s difficult to eat I don’t need any help with weight loss supplements.   I want something very filling and nutritious but it’s difficult to find.

My favorite things to eat these days include mashed potatoes, French onion soup, refried beans, Hormel tamales in a can, avocados, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, spinach artichoke dip, chocolate pudding, yogurt and Naked Juice protein drinks.

I hope one day soon I can go back to eating regular food, especially raw vegetables and meat.